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Much better for pharmas to have a cure that doesn't completely cure a disease so they can sell it forever.

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@moth_ball @Moon @verretor my college classmate did that globohomo art for a company for like half a year before giving up and selling vapes instead

My auxiliary nurse friend told me she can't wait to be allowed to say what she wants on the internet.

She won't be allowed to work in 5 days because she's unvaccinated.

It's crazy how every time I have the slightest flu-like symptom, I take medicine that the government doesn't want me to take and I feel fine afterwards.

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A year ago we predicted global supply chain disruptions due to covid restrictions.
They all laughed at us for being conspiracy theorists.
What now normies?
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@verretor Everything they do is so predictable already, you have to be delusional to not see what's going on. But no amount of coercion can make me submit to this tyranny, I couldn't live with myself knowing I'm part of the problem.

Someone IRL unironically argued with me about the gender of COVID.

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Alberta to provide grant money for apartheid businesses

On Thursday, Premier Jason Kenney announced that the Alberta government would begin offering grants for businesses that have been successfully coerced into implementing vaccine passports to keep their businesses afloat.
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DESPICABLE: Hospitals denying organ transplants for unvaccinated

Several hospitals have begun outright denying lifesaving organ transplants to unvaccinated patients.

Ironically, hospitals like UCHealth cite the patient’s health as the main reason they decided to implement this discriminatory, death-sentence-of-a policy.
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Posting a selfie here because I don't trust Instagram anymore

We're beginning to see now why there was never a vaccine for a coronavirus before.

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