A critical mass of non-complying people become ungovernable. We're seeing it happen globally in real time.


@KeepTakingTheSoma Keep taking the soma as in soma juice?

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Huxley reference. Because we are in a Brave New World.
I am probably an epsilon. Soon to be a savage.

@KeepTakingTheSoma @verretor

“I’m glad I’m a beta.”

Though I think in terms of values, you’re right. I’d be John the Savage.

@EmmyNoether @KeepTakingTheSoma Apparently, Huxley took inspiration from the Rigveda when he called the drug "soma". I wasn't entirely wrong with soma juice then.

@verretor @KeepTakingTheSoma

Yes, Huxley was writing from experience - the Doors of Perception is about his experiences on mescaline.

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