Before 9/11, I could go to the US without a passport.

I was really wondering about this one. I do remember having a much easier time with national border crossings not that many years ago. Turns out there were passports as a concept going back much further. however, the modern concept really got established in 1920 with the league of nations.

If I remember correctly the pre-WW1 consensus was that you don't care people cross your borders, what matters are goods because you tax them.
I guess in the meantime people became goods that you can tax themselves. But sure we are morally so incredibly superior.

@verretor actual Western Civilization died in WW1.
We’re living in the ruins of that civilization while we convince ourselves we’ll finally pay the debt off any day and be free again.
Others try to convince themselves the past was horrible anyway and the more we destroy rather than salvage the better it will get.

@lucash_dev The more books of the 19th century I read, the more I realize it's true.

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