Before 9/11, I could go to the US without a passport.

I was really wondering about this one. I do remember having a much easier time with national border crossings not that many years ago. Turns out there were passports as a concept going back much further. however, the modern concept really got established in 1920 with the league of nations.

If I remember correctly the pre-WW1 consensus was that you don't care people cross your borders, what matters are goods because you tax them.
I guess in the meantime people became goods that you can tax themselves. But sure we are morally so incredibly superior.

@verretor actual Western Civilization died in WW1.
We’re living in the ruins of that civilization while we convince ourselves we’ll finally pay the debt off any day and be free again.
Others try to convince themselves the past was horrible anyway and the more we destroy rather than salvage the better it will get.

@lucash_dev The more books of the 19th century I read, the more I realize it's true.

@verretor @lucash_dev afaik most ppl before the 19th century where not free to travel anywhere without asking there Lords and Masters, only an elite few class was able to travel free and passports and travel letters proving origin, where before the 19th in the *civilized* parts of the world the norm, i guess before and after WWI the world shrunk into local size by wealthy academic few, that gave air oversight leverage and RF available to the masses.
Science caused all the trouble, nothing else.

@dflate @lucash_dev
“Formerly man had only a body and a soul. Now he needs a passport as well for without it he will not be treated like a human being.”

— Stefan Zweig, The World of Yesterday (1942)

@verretor @lucash_dev with the need to have the deplorable for more profit also able to travel by then, such measures where the deal for there *freedom* granted, they had before none. Nothing had changed, most ppl just have no clue how it its inside the power class and what enormous not shared knowledge and oversight some have.
Btw much of it is just by the use of Information Technology and Logistics just only not that miniaturized and often just analog and hardly digitized by then, but mighty 2

@lucash_dev @verretor yup, my believe is that humans now have to build a free open "The Gibson", to have sufficient leverage,
and not try to hack the established system, that is broken AF, but like a wounded tiger to dangerous and insane in its measures, the free have to do there own reset in and with our own mighty tool, Bitcoin, if we bag for grants we will loose a battle we do not even have to fight, Bitcoin give a shit about what the pyramid class world thinks.

@lucash_dev @verretor sci-hub i.e. is for me more worthy to receive the peace noble prize than any other thing.

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