@verretor Now this is something I need to attempt. Have used SSH on the phone to the node, but never to send or receive payments. Very good goal, thanks for sharing.


@Full_node If you're using Eclair, those are the instructions for creating and paying invoices using the API.

@waxwing @verretor This and that lightning photo drawing website, is that even still up?

@Full_node @verretor not sure what you mean by *photo* drawing; but if you mean drawing on a canvas for sats, it was satoshis.place/ and it's still there :)

@waxwing @verretor Yes! That’s the site I was referring to. Recall a lot of derogatory remarks regarding RV and CSW from back in the day. Having a lightning node up and running I may have to patronize that site.

@verretor thanks for sharing, I’m not using Eclair but I’ll check it out.

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