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0% from cyber attack or snitch by cia
perfectly stealth
can be adopted from wild life

@longyap Took me a while to realize you were talking about actual pigeons lol.

@verretor @LadyAnarki briar ux is dumpsterfire bad. synchronous: requires both parties to be online and connected to chat. Basically useless.

@pete @jb55 @LadyAnarki @verretor @LadyAnarki "requires both parties to be online and connected to chat."

Actually, no.

@verretor @jb55 @LadyAnarki I've read that exactly document. Haven't looked into it beyond that.

@verretor @pete @jb55 @LadyAnarki only way of using it asynchronously is having a 3rd user be part of the conversation.

Honestly that’s unusable as it exists now.

I’m working on something else: a protocol for secure communication via untrusted server(s). Not sure when it will be usable as a PoC much less for everyday use

@pete @verretor @LadyAnarki yes I guess this is irc as well :p. Feels even more useless when it’s one to one though.

@jb55 @pete @LadyAnarki Except it's not just one on one. You have DMs, private groups, forums and blogs.

@verretor @pete @LadyAnarki hmm guess it has been updated. Was really bad when I tried it. Will have to check it out again.

@jb55 @pete @LadyAnarki Blogs are not so great but Telegram doesn't have blogs at all so it's a plus.

@verretor @jb55 @pete @LadyAnarki do any of you use briar on a regular basis? Does it work consistently? Also is it useful even if there are zero peers in your area?

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