A lot of FUD about Bitcoin comes from people who have never heard of the Lightning Network.

"Here's some very smart math based on 7 tx/sec."

@verretor good! Lol.

The other one will kill you from your eyes rolling into the back of your skull. Bitcoin clubhouse is scream-inducing frustration in some of the rooms.

@verretor Also a lot of FUD from people who have not look at Lightning since 2018 😀 .

@verretor The FUD is the very same as in 2013 or 2017. I don't recall any new FUD that didn't exist 4-8 years ago already.

@veetipitko They still think Bitcoin can only handle 7 transactions per second.

@verretor Yep, as if nothing has changed from 2013. I expect the very same fud exist in the 2025 bullrun as well. Just shows how early we are.

@verretor I wish LN was actually growing though, last two years adoption was pretty much unchanged (after that increase because the BIGNODE guy showed up).

Have you tried to run your own node (b/c technically it's far from easy, and what about legalese due to potential money transfer licensing etc)?

@121 I have contributions in Eclair and Electrum.

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