Last time I used Mastodon's migration tool, I lost all my followers. All it did is lock me out of my account.

If someone could help me with that, that'd be nice.


People are telling me they kept their followers when they migrated but I have serious doubts.

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@verretor I lost my followers AND my liked, bookmarked and messages. I have everything backed up in the exported CSV files but I simply can't import them on my new "home".

@racchio Yeah. I'm just not going to "properly" migrate. It doesn't work.

@verretor That's sad. The ability to migrate is one of the key strenght in the fediverse, IMHO.

I probably just have to learn how to do it the right way.

@verretor I wonder if there's a server setting to enable or disable the function? Or maybe I migrated between two different versions of Mastodon that implements two incompatible versions of the protocol?

@racchio I just migrated. Most followers were transfered but I lost 62. It depends on the software that their instance is running.

Last time I migrated (2018), that feature didn't exist at all. It is quite new.

@verretor Oh, I see!! Thanks for keeping me updated on that! I'm not thinking about migrating right now but It would be nice to know that migrating doesn't destroy one's data (meaning follows, followers, posts, comments...)

@verretor I follow quite a few accounts that migrated without me re-following. If you have doubts, then verifying it with a dummy account is easy as pie. No need to speculate.

@raucao I lost all my followers when I migrated from to The only thing the migrating tool did was lock my account and tell people to go to my new account.

@verretor Was that recently, or with the first iteration of the feature?

@verretor And still, you can just try it out now if you have doubts. Clearly, multiple different people are telling you that it works.

@raucao "There is also a very heavy cooldown period in which you cannot migrate again, so be very careful before using this option!"

@verretor How is that relevant to trying it out with a dummy account if you don't believe the people saying it works?

@verretor BTW, the most important thing is to set up the new account first, and have it reference the current one as being moved from.

@verretor That's about 100 years in fedi development time.

@verretor @raucao 'migration' is just sending out an activity to all servers that you just migrated. if they don't understand that activity, they won't 'migrate' your followers. because of that, migration doesn't really work completely, but should kinda sorta start working better over time.

@lain @verretor Right, but both Mastodon and Pleroma understand it, no?

@raucao @lain @verretor

Can confirm it worked for me. Moved from to bitcoinhackers two days ago. On the new instance create the alias to your old account. On the old instance use the migrate not the redirect option. This only migrates followers. To migrate anything else you can use the import export function.

@der_nizzle @raucao @lain Some followers may not migrate depending on the software that their server runs. I lost a few followers who are from Pleroma instances.

@lain i just saw some code merged into the plemora repo that allows you to move from mastodon to pleroma.

will this be available in v2.2.2?

@lain @raucao True. A lost some followers (mainly from Pleroma instances and Gab).

Last time I migrated, I don't think that feature existed AT ALL. (2018)

@btcdragonlord It still doesn't work 100%. The blog post above is from 2019.

When I migrated in 2018, I lost all my followers.

Now, it seems instances running older software or Pleroma don't follow you at your new account.

@verretor @btcdragonlord i wasn't aware that automatic migration of followers (not following list) now worked at all, for any software

@orionwl @btcdragonlord Me neither. That's new. According to the documentating from June 2019, it didn't exist.

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