Since this instance will probably shut down, I will be moving to @verretor


@stephanlivera @verretor I used it when I moved from and I lost all my followers.

@stephanlivera @verretor People who followed you before you moved are still following you?

@stephanlivera @verretor I will need someone to help me with that. I don't want to lock myself out of my account and lose all my followers again.

@verretor @verretor IIRC you had to set up the new account on the new side, then go back to the old instance and do that migration setting to 'push' it over to the new one. I think basically the old instance redirects all your followers to follow you at the new instance etc.

@verretor @verretor yes it worked for me when I moved over from to bitcoinhackers the 2nd time we all tried the mastodon thing (not the 1st time). So whenever that was, like a year ago or whenever?

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