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It's a good idea to have accounts on multiple instances just in case.

She's so out of shape that Veritas dude can keep asking questions while following her.

“Stripping motivated people of their dignity and rubbing their noses in it is a very bad idea.”

— John Ross, Unintended Consequences

They're lying and they know that we know they're lying.

A critical mass of non-complying people become ungovernable. We're seeing it happen globally in real time.

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Firefox became so bloated, we can't ship it anymore for i386 architecture on OpenBSD because we just can't compile it :flan_shrug:

i386 can't allocate a lot of memory to a single process, and during the compilation we hit this limit.

Goodbye Firefox on i386, you used to work fine but you didn't made exercises to lose some fat as people suggested to you, you are a bit more isolated now.

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JUST IN: Unvaccinated healthcare workers in Quebec called the government’s bluff. They won’t lose their jobs on October 15 but on November 15.

“When the enemy embarks on an attack, if you make a show of strongly suppressing his technique, he will change his mind.”

— Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings

Someone told me angrily that there will be an "antivax protest Friday."

I pretended not to hear him. My friend is losing her job Friday along with thousands of other unvaccinated healthcare workers.

By requiring jabs every 6 months, they make sure that all pregnant women get it during their pregnancy.

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