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Hey guys is 1812 Overture on the sanction list for this year’s 4th of July?

Mainstream media’s interpretation of events in Ukraine is under question among Western journalists, in particular the Bucha incident.

Italian reporter Giorgio Bianchi says Western media wait for a convenient moment to blame Russia.

My physical body may be Human, but I am Armenian. I am not a part of your tribe, nor will I ever be.

@nugger St. John Cassian, in his seminal monastic classic *The Institutes* posits that the concupiscible appetites all stem from the others: when we satisfy our hunger, we have time to lust, time to envy, time to be greedy, etc.

Begin with disciplined fasting and you’ll find your other appetites subside. Perfect season for that, with Lent and all.

In Germany:

If you’re a non-European refugee, you are entitled to government welfare and get put in a nice hotel room.

If you’re a European refugee, you, well.. 😬

Good luck.

Russian military distributed emergency food rations to civilians in Bucha before slaughtering them a few days after leaving the area. Luckily, Azov battalions arrived just in time to (document) everything.

The Highest order of laws of any land come in the form of Good habits.

Simcity update brings Joe Biden as new disaster.
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