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The number of shitcoins with market caps exceeding 1M is still too high IMO.

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Tesla market cap is around $800B and they're one of the largest companies in the world.

They've just bought $1.5B Bitcoin and now the floodgates are open.

This is why I never short the corn, a single announcement can form a multi thousand dollar 30 minute candle.

Tesla buys 1.5 billion dollars of Bitcoin.

I think it's safe to say the cats now out of the bag, yes?

Lightning payments also accepted. DM me or post below if interested.

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I actually decided to sell some of my Satori Coins. They contain 0.001 BTC and were minted in October 2017 (one of the last production runs before Satori Coins became discontinued).

I have serials:

Probably a long shot, but anyone interested?

Asking price: 0.005 BTC

Broke: Market Capitalization

Woke: Corporate Treasury

Given that this video got 4922 views with 850k subscribers, I'd say the ""PanDeMiC"" is already over.

I'll change my stance when I see greater conviction; holding through a bull rally or short squeeze is fun and games and easy, it's the bear rallies and massive drops that separate the boys from the men.

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Don't get me wrong, wsb certainly accomplished something great by exposing the fragility of Wall Street and cementing further distrust in institutions and the political-financial establishment.

But when you clearly see the game completely stacked against you, it's time to withdraw and explore other avenues and strategies.

Only the cucked continue to get fucked.

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Imagine continuing to play in rigged markets by holding GME and other shitstonks and missing out on because muh "💎🙌"

The very definition of cuck.

As I see it the only group with real 💎🙌 are bitcoiners. Concrete understanding of economics, NgU Technology, game theory, and security.

Let me see wsb hold through multi-year bear markets with 80% drops. Let me see wsb dedicate a decade to their cause. Only then will I accept the 💎🙌 meme, until then they are no better than shitcoiners

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Youtube put a context warning on the Saylor/Stevens discussion trailer

Check it out😂

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"A 1938 Nazi Law Forced Jews to Register Their Wealth—Making It Easier to Steal"

Remember this, next time someone pushes AML/KYC. Or the literal mandatory wealth reporting laws that some lobby groups are pushing - literal Nazi policy, for everyone.

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Getting started on Mastodon after a long time lurking on Bitcoin Twitter under assorted nyms.

Given Twitter's penchant for censorship, I don't believe Bitcoiners can continue to use the service in good conscience.

The Bitcoin community is leading the way on sound money. As it captures supporters from all walks of life, it will soon lead the way on "sound" social networks.

#DeleteTwitter #DeleteCoinbase

2011: Bitcoin is funny money.

2021: Dollar is funny money.

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Bitcoin Fediverse is growing! It's good to see that we've got a little more staying power this time.

It'll prob still take more people being cancelled off of Twitter before we get the next growth spurt in Mastodon use though.

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