2 weeks to flatten the curve sure has escalated within the last 18 months.

@MartinJJ it's even worse than that, it's doublespeak. They didn't "approve," it's still under EUA, read the actual document.

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Clown world is not distributed evenly.

It’s out of control in Australia.

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The most vaccinated countries will develop the most deadly variants. Mark my words.

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The CDC is somehow recommending that pregnant women receive the jab, meanwhile Pfizers own facts sheet says there isn't enough information to determine risk.

Don't eat fish while pregnant because of fear of Mercury poisoning, but human experimentation while pregnant is fine by the CDC.



Quick! FDA the CDC really needs you to rush that approval so you can get the blame instead of the CDC.

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Only a dehumanized person can think this design is clever and a good idea -- such an awful and distasteful design.

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The total #bitcoin supply that is being held by long-term holders (coins that haven't moved for at least ~5 months) is making new all-time highs 🥳

Fast-tracking FDA approval makes me trust these vaccines less. This is no longer science, this is all political.

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@drgo @verretor @max_1337 @YorkshireTea 8 years ago, in mice and on the original sars coronavirus.

All vaccine candidates resulted in inmunopathy. Ie all vaccine candidates ended in ADE.


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@drgo @verretor @max_1337 @YorkshireTea took a while but found it

Why ADE happens with delta. It's all about the angle the antibodies attach to the spike.


I'm so thankful to be Armenian, not an ounce of globohomo faggotry in our community.

I was talking with my female cousin in Armenia the other day, and she immediately made the connection of vaccine passports with ration cards when the Bolsheviks first came to power.

She knows.

@verretor Yep, that's the worse case scenario for my own person; but I'd rather die then live in a globohomo communist hell.

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Governments are completely unhinged and disconnected from the citizens they govern. 1789 soon.

From any angle I look at these vaccines, they look rotten. Virtually nothing adds up or makes reasonable sense. Sorry, not sorry, never shooting up your cancer juice.

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JUST IN - Afghan national reserves held in U.S. banks have been frozen to prevent the Taliban from accessing them.

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