The problem with the modern man is that he conflates [his] preference with Beauty. His ego makes him blind.

For instance, just because you like your 5 year old child's drawing and hang it on your refrigerator does not mean that it immediately qualifies as Good or Beautiful art. How egotistic of you! — and what of the millions of other 5 year olds and their drawings? Why do they not appeal to you?

Only those who forgo their egos have a chance to sit with the Gods.

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Anyone noticed that you never EVER meet your neighbors at the grocery store?

Please safely make haste to the sidelines so that you do not find yourself trampled under the impending stampede of seethe.

@melik more importantly, it is better to be beautiful than to be ugly.

@ani ah! ‘tis surely to be of the wisest of words.

it is most pleasant to cross paths with you again my old friend, how have you been?

Etchmiadzin, oldest standing cathedral in the world — originally constructed in 303 AD.

@ani Keen observation, not to mention a built-in, full-fledged regulatory mechanism to prevent IO (information overload).

Less is more; nobody needs 24/7 access to email, 5 different chat clients, 4 social media accounts, 40 apps – all sending you notifications around the clock.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised at your study suggesting 88% stress reduction.

all you have to do to understand why all those weird measurement units exist is look up the history of the unit and what it was used for

modern people don't actually do anything anymore -- we're a race of TV-watching consoomers who never touch anything that isn't mass produced -- so modern people can't imagine using a unit like a dram or a grain and think old timey people were just being stupid

even "makers" largely just glue shit together nowadays, hey let's use some standardized aluminum extrusion and an arduino bro we're *inventing* something

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