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When Bitcoin crashes 50% there are no bailouts and mainstream finance is quick to label it a Ponzi scheme.

When Traditional markets crash 50% mainstream finance begs the FED to print trillions of dollars and bail them out.

One of these sounds more like a Ponzi than the other

@sthenc Size of the Federal Reserve building.

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There's some interesting recent back-and-forth on the bitcoin-dev mailing list about proof of stake. I'll add some links here as I come across them.

First, I love how simple Voskuil makes his anti-proof-of-stake-argument, albeit it's only one angle, it's kind of interesting:

This blog about attacks on proof of stake reminds people of the anti-DOS feature of PoW which is easy to forget:

#bitcoin #proof-of-work #proof-of-stake

You know what would really make this timeline spicy? If Peter Schiff does a 180 and comes out in support of against Musk's idiotic comments. 🤣

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@arbedout I'm consolidating all of our networks right now (7 ASNs) into a single unified AS (literally just changing a single number). Each site takes me about 1-2 months depending on complexity.

Too much coordination and resistance ie. upstream, downstream, parallel (peers).

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"Crypto" diversification must be the best litmus test ever for stupidity (or dishonesty). How dumb must you be (or your targets) not to see that shitcoins dump when famous people criticize Bitcoin? Or that "altseasons" are always perfectly in sync with Bitcoin's halving cycles?

@verretor @alex Yep same, been hard at work in repositioning my life.

I'm just lol'ing from the sidelines.

@excellion You should sell your Tesla for Bitcoin.

@verretor @alex I saw your DM, will definitely check it out when I have some free time. Mastodon certainly feels clunky to me.

How have you been? Been a while.

@verretor @alex Sorry about that Ben; there was a PDU failure at the data center, and the server was stuck at boot after the PDU was replaced.

Furthermore, it turns out, I didn't add it to my monitoring system so I wasn't alerted until I manually checked.

I have become numb to 's price. Anyone else feel the same way?

1 US dollar is currently worth nineteen eighty-four sats

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Brrr brrr brrr
The money printer blew

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