@stephanlivera You're too kind, I'd personally opt for public hanging or the guillotine to set proper precedence.

We're talking about a robbery of 13+ billion human years..

We should study into why this was the case. Less politics and more studying. 👍

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Soviet Armenia was objectively better than the [Second] Republic of Armenia.

I say this as an anti-socialist, but facts are facts.

If Armenia had competent leadership, they would be building up Bitcoin reserves right now, but they are too busy playing COVID instead.

This just goes to show what terrible things representative 'democracies' are. You had 30 years to find a competent leader and failed miserably each time.

Don't worry though, it's only a matter of time until Armenia goes full Absolute Monarchy.

Murdering beautiful white girls in senseless, cold blood is okay, racist comments are not.

Himk.am is going to go down for maintenance sometime tomorrow. I'm going to be re-locating the instance.

A Good society is one that seeks out and promotes its golden citizens. This can only be done through fierce competition.

A gold person can be born to bronze parents.

A bronze person can be born to golden parents.

"Love" is overated, one should strive to breed within their own caste.

The alarming failure rate of contemporary romantic-based marriages is evident to this truth.

If anyone can tell me the exact supply of dollars like I can with bitcoin, then I will sell off every single bitcoin I own, otherwise I will continue to buy bitcoin.

Color revolutions are nothing new. He who does not learn from the past is bound to repeat the same mistake.


I don't hear *anyone* talking about vaccinations anymore. What was once a common topic for discussion at work has grown dead silent, humility has taken its proper course. 🤔

Communism always ends in National Socialism.

Weimar Republic -> Nazi Germany
Bolshevik USSR -> Stalinist USSR ("Socialism in one Country" policy)
China today is communist in name only.

America has opened up a 3 front war against 3 superpowers: Russia in Ukraine, China in Taiwan, and America in America.

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