Final plays before $100k. Nobody can stop this now, it's out of our hands.

You know what would really make this timeline spicy? If Peter Schiff does a 180 and comes out in support of against Musk's idiotic comments. 🤣

There comes a time in every man's life where he finds himself wantig to manage his own keys and run his own node.

The number of shitcoins with market caps exceeding 1M is still too high IMO.

This is why I never short the corn, a single announcement can form a multi thousand dollar 30 minute candle.

Imagine continuing to play in rigged markets by holding GME and other shitstonks and missing out on because muh "💎🙌"

The very definition of cuck.

As I see it the only group with real 💎🙌 are bitcoiners. Concrete understanding of economics, NgU Technology, game theory, and security.

Let me see wsb hold through multi-year bear markets with 80% drops. Let me see wsb dedicate a decade to their cause. Only then will I accept the 💎🙌 meme, until then they are no better than shitcoiners

Hyperinflation started in 2020.

We'll learn all about it in the history books.

In the meantime, there is nothing you can do about it, so go buy yourself some .

My holdings now accounts to >100% of my portfolio. To note, I am a risk adverse person, and I am not afraid nor worried.

I've done the math.

They print trillions out of thin air to pump *their* stocks.

They halt trading when *your* stocks go up.

Don't play stupid games, buy and bankrupt them. Bitcoin restores free markets by removing politics from markets and making it costly to deny business ("deplatform").

Wall street is so fragile, weak, and decadent that even after the government printing trillions to bail them out, they still have a need to rig markets against any competition.

If they can stop you from buying, they can also stop you from selling; your stock portfolio accounts are simply entries in a database on their computers.

This is why we .

Imagine watching a subreddit bring down a hedge fund and still thinking doesn't stand a chance against central banks.

One thing I find myself constantly thinking about these days is what are the valuations of all of these companies in terms in a fully realized bitcoin world. I don't even know where to begin.

When people try to tell me that is "volatile."

Imagine locking up your retirement plan for 40+ years and being exposed to equities that move 800% in less than a month for no reason other than speculation in hostile market conditions.

Confession: I bought before I understand what it was.

I just heard 21M, and it instantly made sense. I had no idea how it worked though.

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