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Government hard at work tackling the real difficult problems. 💪💪💪

Imagine paying 143k sats to read propaganda for 1* year (LOL)

*promotion for the first year only, normal price is 561k sats per year

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Armenia declared Marshall Law in late September 2020 due to the war last year.

Armenia lifted Marshall Law and all lockdown orders in mid November 2020.

Today, Armenia has no lockdown mandates. Life is back to normal and all businesses are operating again in normal capacity.

COVID daily cases:

Imagine authoring an article titled "The Bitcoin Dream Is Dead":

1. 8 months into the 3rd halving.
2. Period of unprecedented money printing and credit expansion.
3. Bitcoin up 28% YTD.
4. Bitcoin up 328% 1Y.

What is wrong with these people?

This is what an Inflationary Death Spiral looks like.

Cascading interest rates down to 0% where each recession tests a new low and each recovery falls short.


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