Etchmiadzin, oldest standing cathedral in the world — originally constructed in 303 AD.

This man understands.

I don’t think many in the West truly understand the gravity of World War 2 and the genocide committed against Slavic peoples apart from their Hollywood propaganda flicks.

Had the West actually participated in World War 2 in some meaningful degree, they may have come to understand but lest here we are.

In Germany:

If you’re a non-European refugee, you are entitled to government welfare and get put in a nice hotel room.

If you’re a European refugee, you, well.. 😬

Good luck.

Russian military distributed emergency food rations to civilians in Bucha before slaughtering them a few days after leaving the area. Luckily, Azov battalions arrived just in time to (document) everything.

The wrong side won, but don't worry, it will all be corrected soon. We're going home.

"you must accept the digital numbers on our computer systems, the same ones we froze"

yeah ok


Stop looking, close your eyes!

Those are not Ukrainian military personnel with rifles stepping out of a Red Cross van, they are suffering civilians in desperate need of humanitarian and medical help.

Sanctions are Safe™ and Effective™

Stop questioning the Sanctions, just keep doing them.

As a German man, I sleep comfortably at night knowing my minister of defense is protecting and watching over me.

Christine Lambrecht 😍

💤💤 Z 💤💤

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