Brainstorming on voting requirements:

1. Landowners - needs to have established equity (stake) in the country and nation; must carry risks and bear costs for actions

2. Male - the [more] reasoned and principled sex; authority

3. At least of 35 years of age - maturity and wisdom

4. Must have a family (wife and children) - responsibility, forward thinking, and see #1

5. Language fluency - tightly woven to the sociocultural fabric of the nation and people

6. Religion - morality and ethics

(foreigners may lease or rent for industrial or commercial purposes, but never own land)

7. One must put up his land (equity) as collateral and lock it for a period of time when participating in voting and governance. - This prevents thieves and robbers from pillaging public resources and subsequently fleeing and evading costs.


8. Divorced men cannot vote. If you failed your family, we cannot trust you with delicate matters such as state affairs.

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