@melik flip phones reduce stress and anxiety by 88%. They were the original fidget spinners. I made up the statistic but I feel like it could be true.


@ani Keen observation, not to mention a built-in, full-fledged regulatory mechanism to prevent IO (information overload).

Less is more; nobody needs 24/7 access to email, 5 different chat clients, 4 social media accounts, 40 apps – all sending you notifications around the clock.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised at your study suggesting 88% stress reduction.

@melik I wouldn’t be surprised either, Mel. I’ve rarely ever been wrong.

@melik more importantly, it is better to be beautiful than to be ugly.

@ani ah! ‘tis surely to be of the wisest of words.

it is most pleasant to cross paths with you again my old friend, how have you been?

@melik “he who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

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