Too many degenerate statues and sculptures in Yerevan, I will find the man responsible..

@inky@ծմակուտ.հայ As long as we are in agreement that the ugly degenerate fat lady sculpture must go, otherwise I don't really care much for your opinion.

@mel i think you have some different understanding of art, than i do. (: but that's okay, nobody has an obligation to.

also we disagree on almost all topics, so just tell me if you don't want me to comment at all.

i am also trying to find some fields we can agree with each other. (:

i am also very glad to see you on fedi because so far i was considered the most conservative and nationalistic. now we have you so i am glad. (:

@inky@ծմակուտ.հայ That is not how this works. There is no "different" understanding -- there is understanding and there is misunderstanding. As with all things, art is Objective.

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