Protip: Telegram Channels > Twitter Feeds

After spending much of the last year on Telegram, it has become quite clear to me that all of the great minds are now on Telegram. Twitter is tired, recycled, garbage; oversaturated noise.

@melik What are some good things about Telegram in your opinion?
@verretor @melik

I like Telegram because it is like whatsapp replacement. More popular thant signal and of course than matrix. I like groups too. I heard that groups are not as secure. But it is like forum and easy to use. Whan I say to my contact that I don't like whatsapp I always speak about telegram and some install it

@verretor I used to use it primarily to keep in touch with family overseas, the app is pretty amazing for video conferencing and phone calls.

But to your question: no likes and more pseudonomous ecosystem, Twitter is oversaturated with clout chasers and pseudoinfluencers. Not even bringing up Twitter faggot censorship.

@verretor the whole notion of likes is pretty ridiculous and bizarre to me now. For instance, if I like your content, I follow you, save it, and forward your content to others, if I don't like your content, I don't.

Likes, upvotes, and all other equivalents exert pressure towards group think and conformity, and destroys real signal, reasoning, and our abilities to critically think and evaluate information.

@melik I'm hitting like on this lol. One reason that I like almost every reply is to mark them as read in my notifications. Otherwise, I'm not sure if I read it.
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