I have become numb to 's price. Anyone else feel the same way?

@melik I think it's like a protection mechanism after a few bear markets.

@melik I call it thinking in Bitcoin, somehow measuring it against fiat makes less sense than measuring it against Bcash. Either way, we won a long time ago. #bitcoinstandard

@melik same here, I'm dumping fiat in there from time to time, whether the price is 5k or 50k I hardly notice anymore (unless the main stream media shoves it in my face along with their Tulips-garbage)

@melik yes. It’s because fiat is coming unglued. The “Bystander Effect”. We’re all just watching it happen real time. The feeling from last epoch is not there because you don’t want to part with your parachute this epoch. Must have been a similar feeling as a Titanic survivor. Numbly watching others slip away while you are fortunate enough to be on the raft.

@melik Sort of. Like most of my assets, I am acquiring Bitcoin with the intention of holding it for life. In the context of a fiat world where inflation is deliberately pursued as policy, that kind of time horizon all but ensures that the value tomorrow will be greater than it is right now. As such, I don't buy Bitcoin et al. to get more fiat later, I am perpetually shorting fiat knowing that my purchasing power is being preserved now and my equity is growing into the future.

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