Silicon Valley poses an immediate threat to the integrity of the Internet.

Twitter today is one of the most active AND most widely seeked out communities on Twitter.

I think Bitcoiners are at a strong position to send a clear message to Twitter. A migration to alternative platforms will make a big dent in Twitter by pulling away large, valuable subsections.

Content is the building block of social networks & those who produce content control networks; it seems SV has forgotten this.

The masses will follow Bitcoin Twitter and Bitcoiners. Perhaps, not initially. But over time, they will seek it out and find it.

People are attracted to and gravitate to good things. For instance, a person picks up the good knife (sharp) over the bad knife (dull) or the more qualified candiate is preferred and hired over the less qualified, etc.

The content, information, and discussions on Bitcoin Twitter are good.


Bitcoin is a U.S Pentagon - Neo Nazi Queen - Black Nobility CIA Jesuit scam being run out of Diego Garcia Island. Christopher Earl Strunk describes it well.

@melik mel in Portuguese is honey...bees are attracted to honey just as dupes and fools are attracted to the Pentagon busy bee Nazi Queen scam on Diego Garcia Island.

@melik Very valid points and definitely key that we do not sever ties to bitcoin twitter unless it's necessary.

When the time comes where bitcoiners are being deplatformed from Twitter etc en masse, it's prudent for us to be setup in advance to make sure the masses have some content and momentum already in place, so once they follow us to mastodon there won't be as much friction trying to locate the people and the great content that drove them to bitcoin twitter in the first place

@HaroldTheHorse @melik I have been tooting consistently for the last three years thinking that people wouldn't come if there's no content.

@verretor @melik and by doing that you have been boosting the overall network value of the fediverse, the more bitcoiners doing this the stronger the overall strength of the network will become over time.

You were ahead of majority of people 3 years ago and able to see what was coming and put some investment in to provide value to this place

I think over time a lot more people will have that realisation “Gradually and then suddenly" is probably in play here

@HaroldTheHorse @melik It used to be boring here but not anymore. I don't feel the need to tweet.

@verretor @HaroldTheHorse @melik the fediverse has definitely passed some kind of threshold where it's interesting enough to be just here and no other social media.

@melik We need more work invested in better models, so more == better, imo. Also, Metcalfe. Mastodon has been growing relatively slowly, but steadily, and once we have true P2P options that's where things might get really interesting. Totally biased, of course.

@melik And as you were saying about attraction, work == gravity.

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