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Since I had a few people ask:

himk (հիմք) in Armenian means "Foundation."

's consolidation period following a strong rally from $19k to $42k appears to be closing in at around $36k. I think there are a few days left at most.

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@stephanlivera @pox @ibz @lukedashjr @Mandrik @verretor @TallTim @zlok @nvk FYI, if you have a personal website that people might know (e.g. like Stephan), you can put a rel="me" link on it that points to your Mastodon profile, which the default Mastodon software will verify for people viewing your profile. E.g., here's mine.

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Birdsite blue checks never let the facts get in the way of 102k endorphin hits.

Parler has a static status page up. Not the whole site. And the page resolves to an IP address in Belize. Last I checked, that's in South America.


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I'm finishing the development of a new #LightningNetwork explorer. Are you missing something in the current explorers? Send me the idea so I can implement it too!

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Project Veritas released a new video today exposing a senior executive at Twitter, Vijaya Gadde, detailing plans to replicate censorship measures around the world.

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I made a new app called xSATS, a bitcoin to fiat converter.

🍉 Live currency conversion.
🍒 SAT/BTC to 27 fiat pairs.
🍕 Mobile friendly.
🥑 Simple, yet powerful.

The masses will follow Bitcoin Twitter and Bitcoiners. Perhaps, not initially. But over time, they will seek it out and find it.

People are attracted to and gravitate to good things. For instance, a person picks up the good knife (sharp) over the bad knife (dull) or the more qualified candiate is preferred and hired over the less qualified, etc.

The content, information, and discussions on Bitcoin Twitter are good.

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Silicon Valley poses an immediate threat to the integrity of the Internet.

Twitter today is one of the most active AND most widely seeked out communities on Twitter.

I think Bitcoiners are at a strong position to send a clear message to Twitter. A migration to alternative platforms will make a big dent in Twitter by pulling away large, valuable subsections.

Content is the building block of social networks & those who produce content control networks; it seems SV has forgotten this.

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"A Washington nonprofit group sued Apple in federal court Sunday, demanding that it remove Telegram, a chat and social media app, from its app store for failing to crack down on violent, extremist conversation in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol."

😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

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Just deleted my Twitter account after 7 years. Unplugging myself from Silicon Valley. I won't contribute to my own demise.

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Published in nature: Bitcoin emissions alone could push global warming above 2°C. -->>
It is an embarrassment that this was published! They scaled energy with number of transactions: "At each time step, CO2 emissions for the given number of transactions were estimated based on the emissions generated to mine that number of transactions in 2017."

Bitcoin network does not work that way. Energy is spent securing the blockchain, not per transaction.

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I think one of the best way to learn something is to try to write the doc.

Reading a doc somehow does not print that much long term in memory.

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Old Soviet Joke:

This is Radio Yerevan; our listeners asked us: “What is the difference between capitalist and socialist trade?”

We’re answering: “Capitalist trade means everything is to be sold. Socialist trade means everything is to be bought.”

The accuracy and aptitude of these jokes is simply brilliant 🙂

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