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Russia should immediately begin investigating the US DoD biolabs currently operating in Armenia.

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All Armenians should be dumping and converting their dollars for Bitcoin immediately if they haven't already.

Our [the Armenian Nation] place in the upcoming world depends on this act.

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Since I had a few people ask:

himk (հիմք) in Armenian means "Foundation."

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Anyone noticed that you never EVER meet your neighbors at the grocery store?

Please safely make haste to the sidelines so that you do not find yourself trampled under the impending stampede of seethe.

@melik more importantly, it is better to be beautiful than to be ugly.

Etchmiadzin, oldest standing cathedral in the world — originally constructed in 303 AD.

all you have to do to understand why all those weird measurement units exist is look up the history of the unit and what it was used for

modern people don't actually do anything anymore -- we're a race of TV-watching consoomers who never touch anything that isn't mass produced -- so modern people can't imagine using a unit like a dram or a grain and think old timey people were just being stupid

even "makers" largely just glue shit together nowadays, hey let's use some standardized aluminum extrusion and an arduino bro we're *inventing* something


This man understands.

I don’t think many in the West truly understand the gravity of World War 2 and the genocide committed against Slavic peoples apart from their Hollywood propaganda flicks.

Had the West actually participated in World War 2 in some meaningful degree, they may have come to understand but lest here we are.

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