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Since I had a few people ask:

himk (հիմք) in Armenian means "Foundation."

The one thing COVID showed me is that debt is indeed slavery and savings is freedom.

Many of my colleagues caved under pressure and fears of losing their jobs while I stood my ground. The only difference between them and I was that I had the *option* of losing my job (ie. fallback to savings) and they did not.

We should all be hard money maximalists.

You can build soft money on top of hard money; the reverse isn't true.

"Anti-vaxxers generally have no idea how biology works"

As if those who are injected suddenly understand the intricacies of molecular biology.

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"Yes, The Vaccine Changes Your DNA. A Tiny Bit. That’s A Good Thing."


Latest addition to my family collection.

King of Armenia, Tigranes II 'the Great' AR Tetradrachm. Tigranokerta, circa 80-68 BC.

Front: Draped bust featuring Armenian royal tiara emblazoned with the Artaxiad Dynasty seal (sun between two eagles).

Rear: In Greek it is written BAΣIΛEOΣ TIΓPANOY which translates to King Tigran. The center displays the Tyche of Antioch sitting & waving a palm frond with the river god Orontes swimming below.

Kovacs 71.2; SCADA Group 3; CAA 20; ACV 34; 14.77g, 26mm

Sitting on some mad long term Pfizer and Moderna puts right now. Feeling comfy.

One of the executives in my company once inquired whether Armenia was a democrtic country to which I promptly responded "sadly, yes." He was so confused by my response. But after an hour of great dialogue, he saw the Monarchy in a different light. The propaganda that was forced onto him his entire life was shattered through simple logic and reason.

The one thing that became clear in 2021 for me is that Eastern Europeans are far more based and principled than their Western neighbors.

I suppose decades of easy and comfortable living softened Westerners to the point that they forgot the many wisdoms, values, and axioms that once reigned supreme in their lands. The good news is that all of that is about to change.

The past offers valuable data points and insights to project and plot the future with greater accuracy. Always listen to your elders, chances are they have more data points to work with than you. Better yet, when conversing with older people, just go in assuming that you're an idiot -- as you likely are.

When people who once laughed at me for buying BTC try to give me BTC trading tips lol.

Human Resources Departments are spies and agents of the state and infiltrators of private enterprise—they are communist collaborators doing the state's bidding and strongmanning free private businesses into submission and ceding further control to the state.

Unchecked freedom devolves into tyranny just as quickly as unchecked authority. I find both to be equally destructive forces. The key is to strike a balance—to reach a compromise. It is no wonder that the symbol for Justice is a perfectly balanced scale.

If you were to ask me, this is what buyer's remorse looks like.

Billions of people around the world are fighting against draconian policies, medical tyranny, and segregation/apartheid and this is where his imagination drifted to.

It's going to be okay.

My life's mission is to see the Forms. I do not know if I will be successful, but I will keep searching until my very last breath.

Climate Change is a contemporary Western death cult that rose from the ashes of Christianity. It should come as no surprise how it shares so many parallels with Christian Eschatology ie. Revelations: Floods, earthquakes, fires, disease, famine, social unrest, and the list goes on.

If you believe in Climate Change, I'm sorry, but you are not enlightened nor "scientific," you are yet another indoctrinated fool.

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