Casascius Redeemed

Index: 2971
Address: 186g2RGeq2fpNpHF5RQhLoqYLT8ZUjRh9a
Series: S1-BAR-100
Value: 100.0 BTC
Created: 151502 (2011-11-02)
Redeemed: 680175 (2021-04-22)

Total: 57 (27938)
Active: 8 (20176)
Redeemed: 49 (7762)


And then there were eight.

Out of 57 Casascius S1-BAR-100 "physical bitcoins" issued, only 8 remain unredeemed.

Each Casascius S1-BAR-100 bar has (or had, if redeemed) 100 BTC.

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