my watchlist a week after I liquidated because I was afraid of instability (after a year of holding and waiting for this to happening).

I believe in God, and I believe he hates me, and intentionally inflicts suffering on me. I put my chips in the right things at the wrong times, every time, and it's actually nauseating. I feel like I have spikes driven into my sole when I look at the lost opportunities that happen completely arbitrarily and always against intuition.

From The New Normal documentary

Seriously, @ProfKlausSchwab: Fuck you and your deranged plans🖕

hey Texas, you know that secession you're always talking about...

now would be a pretty good time.

I'm ready to kill to protect my possession of bitcoin because men in the future will be ready to murder for your #bitcoin.

Join the Maximalist Den and Bitcoin Pub on Matrix, you can join via accounts also via Librem Chat type in:

@btcinfo @btcdragonlord @MultiBitcoiner LOL this is on par for IoT/embedded shit. Yeah you'd expect better from a bitcoin company but you'd also expect better from equipment used in jet fighters.

Shitcoiners are going to start getting rekt this year. does not have a federated timeline, nor a local timeline.

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